Gaz monitoring

The Kapta™ 5000 range for gas measurements

Neroxis’s technology is based on the manufacture of microthermal conductivity sensors (MTCS) in micro-electronic MEMS silicon technology.

This manufacturing process ensures the reliability and reproducibility of the components at a competitive price, allowing their integration into high-volume production applications.
MTCS sensors can be used in gas measurement applications, as well as in primary vacuum measurement applications (Pirani type). Their long lifespan also allows for their use in the control of the integrity of closed systems, whether these are under primary vacuum or inert gas.

This technology offers operators key benefits in the field of sensors, modules and systems such as:

• Miniaturisation of the sensors Delivery on TO or on ceramic support for SMD assembly (delivery as a reel)

• Low-energy consumption of sensors and modules suitable for portable instruments

• Provision of pre-calibrated gas modules compensated for temperature, humidity and pressure that can be directly incorporated into OEM equipment

• Delivery of calibrated probes for direct online use and valve management via a 4-20 mA output (e.g. biogas quality/management, H2 safety probes that comply with ATEX specifications).

Two solutions are available:

KAPTA™ 5000 Biogas
The Kapta™ 5000 Biogas probe enables the simultaneous measurement of methane, CO2, pressure and temperature in applications such as anaerobic digestion or the safety of landfill sites.


KAPTA™ 5000 Biogas+
The KAPTA™ 5000 Biogas+ is an online multi-parameter biogas measurement/regulation Atex probe CH4, CO2, Pressure, Temperature, Valve position


KAPTA™ 5000 H2
The Kapta™ 5000 H2 probe enables the simultaneous measurement of hydrogen, pressure, temperature and relative humidity


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