Security and safety of water resources

Management of water resources

Human activity is putting surface and ground water resources under ever-increasing pressure, in terms of both quantity and quality. Burgeoning urbanisation brings about a concentration in the demand for water and multiplies the sources of sudden and significant variations in quality: accidental spills, wastewater and stormwater runoffs in rainy weather, etc.

In addition, seasonal and chronic pollution could intensify due to climate change: algal blooms, thunderstorm discharges … The qualitative monitoring of water resources is often insufficient to provide active management capable of anticipating and coping with these flashpoint situations. First and foremost, frequent or continuous monitoring of water resources is required, something that was not always possible until now.

The safeguarding of surface water resources is therefore a major challenge of our times, and relates not only to the preservation of assets, but also to people’s quality of life, health security, and the management of drinking water resources. The quality of drinking water depends on the quality of water in the river or reservoir, and the processing carried out after sampling. Monitoring and preserving the quality of the resource upstream of the sampling point is therefore a necessity.


SWARM is the effective and innovative solution for monitoring surface water resources.

In this context, the SWARM monitoring service aims to provide a turnkey solution for management of water bodies and alerts, based on the monitoring of water resources via instrument-packed buoys that provide an operational and modular solution to meet the needs of communities. What makes the SWARM system so advantageous is the potential number of measurement points and the resulting capacity for information processing, its low implementation and maintenance constraints, and its high adaptability, all of which make it economically attractive.

Our services focus on modular and smart technology that enables the measurement of key parameters for monitoring the quality of water resources: conductivity, temperature, speed, depth, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and organic matter. It is equipped with a GPRS or radio communication system that is self-sufficient in energy due to a combination of solar and wind energy.

Our turnkey solutions enable water operators to:

• Protect surface water resource assets
• Rapidly detect variations in water quality
• Limit the economic impacts of any pollution
• Protect and inform all citizens affected by the condition of the resource as regards any accidental or intentional contamination
• Identify risks and critical points likely to impact water resources in the region
• Oversee a quantitative and qualitative strategy for the management of water resources.

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