Safety of water supply infrastructures

Management of major events

Today more than ever, major political, cultural or sporting events must be perfectly secure to minimise the causes of risk, be they accidental or terrorist. To do this, Neroxis works with local authorities (police forces, municipalities, prefectures, etc.) at the request of water operators to set up water supply security mechanisms.
In order to enable participants and high-level personalities to enjoy the events organised with peace of mind. In this way Neroxis has contributed to the security of several events since 2012: the London Olympics, the Francophonie Summit, and also COP21.

Since the London Olympics in 2012, Neroxis has been a key player in securing major events around the world.

During these events, Neroxis has implemented a calibrated and validated approach within the framework of SECUR’EAU, a project funded by the European Commission to develop protection solutions for critical infrastructure. Distributed over critical network points, Kapta™ 3000 probes continuously measure (every 6 seconds) the vital parameters of water quality such as those recommended by the World Health Organization. The sensors continuously collect the data and transmit it to a secure central server using a radio or GSM communication system. The system helps identify, in near real-time, the introduction of contaminating agents into water networks. The reaction time is essential; it takes less than 25 minutes for a detected event to trigger a response from the operators. Client support is provided on a 24/7 basis, provided by Neroxis and Birdz experts skilled in ‘confidential defence’, who monitor and analyse the status of the data via a secure internet service. In case of alerts, experts identify the probable cause of the incident and determine the accidental or intentional nature of the water contamination incident, in collaboration with the water distribution operators. If the abnormal deviation in the quality of the water remains unexplained, an alert is immediately sent to the security services assigned to the event.

This solution can be implemented temporarily, throughout the duration of major events, or permanently, where the operational security and safety of the drinking water supply is required.

This combination of partnerships with local authorities and its own expertise have made Neroxis a key player in securing major events.


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