Management of water resources

Turnkey solutions for water supply operators

Neroxis provides turnkey solutions for the water management services of municipalities and/or their contractors for monitoring the water quality of supply networks and for the protection of surface resources such as rivers and lakes.

The specific services offered by Neroxis and its parent company Birdz consist of supplying the latest wireless technologies which are fully connective and energy self-sufficient. They constitute the essential pillars of the Internet of Things (IOT) for the benefit of cities and citizens.

The service is turnkey, because it includes all the elements necessary for the implementation of the sensor network: from hardware to software solutions for data collection, processing and retrieval. The technical ecosystem and operational support included in our services provide the end-user with a high-quality service based on objective performance indicators, such as the rate of information available or the speed of processing alerts. This is possible due to a homogeneous system that is fully compatible throughout the monitoring chain.

These services are established jointly with the client.

As drinking water suppliers and distributors, the bodies responsible for water production and supply have been identified as operators of vital importance by states. Water production and supply is an essential activity for both public health and the economy. The solutions offered by NEROXIS seek to provide tools for monitoring water quality in the context of new risks and threats that are constantly on the increase. These services are customised for each specific scenario of issues faced by water operators.

Security and safety of water resources
Protection of water supplies and river/lake users (leisure centres, fishermen's associations, farmers etc.)


Monitoring of the quality of water supplied by the network
Guaranteeing a quality service, detecting events likely to affect the quality of water supplied, providing transparency in dealings with the authorities and ensuring safe water supply


Ensuring the safety of water supply infrastructures during major events
The risk of terrorism is not insignificant in the current geopolitical context; the supply of drinking water in fact continues to be a potential target for armed groups, particularly during large public events such as the World Cup, Olympic Games, World Exhibitions etc.


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